Update: A Musing short film screening Wednesday, May 16th 2012 at HDFEST Portland 2012 Location: Living Room Theaters, 341 SW 10th Avenue, Portland, OR

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Logline: A writer struggling with his loss of creativity is advised by his literary agent to find his muse.
WGAw reg: 1439177

Hope and inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. With the pressure of his deadline-driven
literary agent growing stronger every day, writer Pete Matthews sets out on a local journey to find the
“muse” that will unlock his once-prevalent creativity. As his panic builds, he wanders through the streets of everyday life in Seattle and discovers that the key to reviving his imagination may just rest with a local liquor
mart cashier. After several unsuccessful attempts to find personal inspiration through music, art and nature,
Pete is forced to take a second look at the wisdom of this quirky character.

Featured Artist

A chance meeting with a film director at the Portland Airport in June 2010, lands Matthew Laurion's music in A Musing Short Film.

Matthew Laurion






Featured Composer

Catherine Grealish is a composer and musician who has experience in a range of musical genres
and specializes in film and media composition. In addition, she composes for concert performance
and teaches private music lessons on piano, guitar, violin, voice, theory and composition.

Catherine Grealish